Art in the Loop (Part 2)

We picked a nice hot muggy Sunday afternoon to start construction of the Hope Index for our Art in the Loop performance!

Our drummer Jason’s garage was the location, and we were lucky to have access to a wide array of tools, and even some spare plywood for the sign. A quick trip to the hardware store for some heavier lumber, and we were off cutting, routing, sanding, screwing and glueing the first construction of the Hope Index.

With the basics of the Index construction underway, our next steps are to create the signs for each of our themes. Then we’re painting and decorating the piece.

We’re hoping it is something people will engage with and eventually make their own mark, as we play our music in Oppenstein Park during the lunch hour, Thurs July 30th.

More updates to come!

Art in the Loop (Part 1)

artintheloopWe are excited to share a new project for us this summer! We will be performing as part of Downtown Kansas City’s public art program, Art in the Loop, in Oppenstein Park on 12th & Walnut, KCMO on Thursday July 30th 11am – 1pm.

This is a new idea for us. We enjoy the challenge of thinking about our music in different contexts, and the whole idea behind Art in the Loop’s mission that “infuses the sidewalks of Downtown KC with innovative, engaging, and temporary art” – sounds like a great thing to be a part of!

So, what’s it all about?

Well, here’s what we submitted as part of our project proposal:

Carswell & Hope has devised the Hope Index Chart, that outlines the range of sometimes parallel and sometimes simultaneous emotions, themes and concepts in their music. These range from Hope and Compassion, to Fear and Confusion, to Love and Sadness. As the band performs their original songs, the public is invited to make their mark on the Hope Index Chart that corresponds to their perception of the story, message or emotion being portrayed. The result will be a piece of art, created in collaboration with audience and performer, and a record of the thoughts and feelings shared by both throughout the performance.

Our initial sketch of what this might look like:

This was not, in fact, sketched by a 6 year old. Though we might hire one to do a better job next time!

We will be inviting folks to place markers on the board, representing how they feel a certain song, mood, lyric or tone fits into the chart. It’s more like a matrix – but who cares about the fancy names.

Here’s what we imagine the scene could look like (in an odd stick-man alternate universe):


By the magic of Photoshop, we also mocked up this beauty for the recent presentations as part of the Art in the Loop launch event:

PowerPoint Screengrab1

Stock people participating in the Hope Index concept in obscene Photoshop nightmare reality

As you can see, we’re already having some fun with what this project might look like. We’ll post a couple of updates here and share our progress, but for now – mark your calendars for July 30th, 11.30am – 1.30pm for an exciting new project for us. We hope you’ll come out and participate!

Visit for more info about the 20 projects happening this year!

Read an article about the project on ThisIsKC.com

New music: Wamego

We’re excited to share the first single from our next collection of songs for release in 2015. The track is called Wamego, and it’s available to stream or download from Soundcloud or Bandcamp, coming soon to iTunes and Spotify. Set in the vein of 70s folk-rock such as Crosby, Stills & Nash, with nods to contemporaries like Fleet Foxes or Midlake, Wamego grooves with big vocal harmonies, distorted guitars, Wurlitzer and 12-string guitar.

Stream or download now:
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