On My Way: Join the Recording Process

69E1A6DF-E3E7-44F8-B8A8-E207E714DC41In September, we popped into the studio to start work on some new material. Specifically, we laid down the first recordings of a new song that’s been in our live rotation for a couple of months. It’s called “On My Way”, and Nick has been introducing it as “a new song that feels like an old song”.

In recording and releasing this track, we wanted to do something a little different. Running with the idea that this particular tune fits a vintage folk sound à la The Band or Crosby Stills & Nash, we’ve decided to open up the process and share not only how the song works and comes together, but also how the recording and release shapes up, most likely over a process of months.

It all started with a very simple tune, which we worked up in Nick’s garage – (as documented in this rough recording with flubs and warts and all!):

Again, we’re imagining this as a song that anyone who’s prone to strumming an old six string might be able to enjoy.

With that in mind, below you’ll find an attempt at charting out the guitar tab for the song. We would like to share this particular tune far and wide, so if you’re interested, make sure you are signed up for our email list, as we’ll be using our email list for updates.

Let us know your thoughts, if you like the song or have picked it up to play along!

"On My Way"
Music & Lyrics by Nick Carswell
Guitar on Capo 2

Verse I:
           G			Dm/G
Some time ago,	in the not so distant
C      G/B	Am	D	G
You and I were cast upon the throne
           G				      Dm/G
Not ready for the light, I blew it all in an instant
            C	    B/G      Am		 D    G
I’ve been trying to make it home to you ever since

                   D		F			C
And so I’m on my way, 		finally gonna go the distance
                   D		F			C
       I’m on my way 		I wanna know what I’m missing
                   D		F		C
       I’m on my way,     gonna be the one who listens
    G	     Bm	       F      Am      G
To find the love I’ve lost along the way

Verse II:
       	   G			Dm/G
Me and my vice, and you in your wisdom
C	G/B 	  Am	   D	  G
Lightly tripped along the passing days
           G				   Dm/G
Wouldn’t it be nice, if you could finally listen?
    C	    G/B 	Am	    D	     G
To hear the tune that’s calling you home today

[Repeat Chorus]

Bm		   C		    Am		         G
   You and I are two parts darling, playing the same old game
Bm		   C				     F
   Win or lose the roads we’d choose would bring us here again
Until I’m near again

[Solo over verse]

Last Chorus:
                   D		F			C
And so I’m on my way, 		finally gonna go the distance
                   D		F			C
       I’m on my way 		I wanna know what I’m missing
                   D		F		C
       I’m on my way,     gotta be the one who listens
    G	     Bm	      F      Am
To find the love I’ve lost along-
    G	     Bm	      Em      Am
   pay the world my cost and always
G	  Bm	    F     C	  G
find the love I’ve lost along the way 


New Music: Glass Doors / The Flood

We’re excited to share new music, a double-single: Glass Doors/The Flood.

Glass Doors is an instrumental that swirls with synthesizer, Wurlitzer keyboards and pulsing drums, while The Flood is an atmospheric ballad with electric guitars and sweeping soundscapes.

Both songs are brand new releases we recorded over the last couple of months, and are released through Silly Goose Records. Mastering provided by Michael Fossenkemper at TurtleTone Studio NYC.

Stream/download below:

Art in the Loop (Wrap-up)

Photo Jul 30, 2 08 28 PM (1)We had a wonderful time last week playing Art in the Loop in Downtown KC. The sun shone, folks wandered into the park, ate lunch, enjoyed the music and contributed to our Hope Index.

Thanks to everyone at Downtown Council, including Ann Holliday, Jessica Borusky and Madison Kludy for their support and collaboration on the project.

Check out some cool videos and pics below!

Art in the Loop is still happening! Check out more upcoming performances and installations at www.artintheloop.com

Cool video from Bochi Truck:

Coverage from 41 Action News:

Art in the Loop (Part 3)

The final stages of the Hope Index are being put in place. We have completed construction, assembled the piece, painted it and added the themes and emotions that make up the extremities of the Hope Index.

There has already been plenty of discussion about what we have chosen to represent in this little matrix of moods, themes and emotions. These are not the only ideas represented in our music, or perhaps not even the most accurate as to what might be evoked by listening.

However, when you consider how these emotions are similar – or different – and where they overlap, intersect and conflict – well, we believe there’s a lot to think about, and to learn!

As one eleven year old who has been studying the creation of the Hope Index asked:

“What is the difference between Love and Compassion?
Aren’t those the same thing?”

This is the right question to ask. We can’t wait to see how you might answer!

Here’s a little hint at how to participate on Thursday:

Step 1: LISTEN to the music.

It carries words, sounds, mood and tone.

Step 2: CONSIDER the ideas that make up the Hope Index.

They represent Fear – Hope – Love – Sadness – Confusion – Compassion. The space between the words is open to your interpretation.


Place a marker somewhere on the index, reflecting what you hear and what the music evokes on the Index. There is no right or wrong answer. There may not even be a single answer.

Step 4: REPEAT steps 1 to 3.

We look forward to seeing you in Oppenstein Park this Thursday July 30th, between 11.30am and 1.30pm.

Join the Facebook event | Learn more about Art in the Loop