ArtsKC Inspiration Grant – Work Samples

1. Carswell & Hope – Album Preview

Four unmastered album tracks from the forthcoming record, A Hunger. Johnny’s Sorry Lot and The Owning already released and enjoying radio play in Ireland and the UK.
See also: YouTube video below for Johnny’s Sorry Lot.

2. Nick Carswell & The Elective Orchestra – From The Ground Up

electiveorchestra heads

A surging ballad, the most downloaded track on iTunes from the 2011 album The Word. Click here to stream the entire album.

3. Additional Media: Video

A playlist of YouTube videos, including short promotional videos for social media, live performances and music videos.

4. Carswell & Hope – Spring Tour Schedule



5. Irish Tour Schedule Poster (draft)


6. Press coverage:

Examples of press received to date, for Carswell & Hope’s debut release (left) and The Elective Orchestra & BPLO concert, December 2013 (right)

 press snippet-white  bploxmas2014

Carswell & Hope are also members of the independent music collective, Silly Goose Records.

Read more about Silly Goose Records at

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