One thought on “Summer Tour 2014

  1. John Tynan, Irish Examiner newspaper, Cork.
    Hi lads,
    I’m bowled over by your lush, symphonic sound. Music that engages the listener with well-timed changes in tempo, delivered by artistes honed in delivering a slick package. Not to mention Mr Carswell’s moody voice giving life to thought-provoking lyrics, backed up by tight harmonies. I love, too, the Pink Floyd influences.
    Particularly engaging is, ‘The One’, easily the best, but ‘Hunger’ also rings my bell (pun intended).
    I have purchased ‘The One’, but it could have been easier. Why are you not available on iTunes?
    Best of luck with the remainder of the Irish tour; I will try to catch you at Crane Lane.
    BTW, how did Nick end up moving from Limerick to Kansas? Also, what is the origin of “Hope”.

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