Check out our Summer 2014 dates! Hope you can make it to a show (or two)

More details on our Tour page



One thought on “Summer Tour 2014

  1. John Tynan, Irish Examiner newspaper, Cork.
    Hi lads,
    I’m bowled over by your lush, symphonic sound. Music that engages the listener with well-timed changes in tempo, delivered by artistes honed in delivering a slick package. Not to mention Mr Carswell’s moody voice giving life to thought-provoking lyrics, backed up by tight harmonies. I love, too, the Pink Floyd influences.
    Particularly engaging is, ‘The One’, easily the best, but ‘Hunger’ also rings my bell (pun intended).
    I have purchased ‘The One’, but it could have been easier. Why are you not available on iTunes?
    Best of luck with the remainder of the Irish tour; I will try to catch you at Crane Lane.
    BTW, how did Nick end up moving from Limerick to Kansas? Also, what is the origin of “Hope”.

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