Hi there,

You are very welcome to the online home of Carswell & Hope – at least the one we like best. Now there’s nothing wrong with Facebook or Twitter, and those are both just fine ways to keep in touch with us. But for those of you who like the more considered touch, we have this website, currently based on a WordPress blog. We embrace all things bright and wonderful on this world wide interweb, and we’ll do our best to make it a little home away from home for ourselves, and for you!

It’s early days for Carswell & Hope, but as we get busy doing fun things like playing gigs, taking pictures, shooting videos and recording music, it will all happen right here, and we’ll try and make it as colorful as we can. So be sure to check in with us regularly, and yes, while we’re spreading our wings, we may ask you to help share the love and tell your friends. After all, the more the merrier, especially when Hope is involved.


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