Tech Details

Stage Plan

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Channel List & Back Line

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Channel List

  1. Kick drum (D112 or similar)
  2. Snare drum (SM57 or similar)
  3. Rack tom
  4. Floor tom
  5. Overhead1
  6. Overhead2
  7. Bass GTR (direct out from amp)
  8. Electric Guitar 1 (amp mic)
  9. Electric Guitar 2 (amp mic)
  10. Acoustic Gtr (D.I.)
  11. Keyboard 1 (D.I.)
  12. Keyboard 2 (D.I.)
  13. Vocal mic (Nick/lead vox)
  14. Vocal mic (keys)
  15. Vocal mic (drums)
  16. Vocal mic (gtr)

Backline List

  1. Fender Super Reverb (or similar) must have reverb/vibrato+pedal switch
  2. Marshall JVM Combo guitar amp (or similar)
  3. Ampeg Keyboard amp / Peavey KB5 or similar
  4. Roland RD-700NX / Yamaha CP33 or similar stage piano
  5. Ampeg BA 115 Bass Amp (or similar)
  6. 4 x D.I. boxes
  7. Drumkit:
    22″ Bass drumSnare
    Mounted or suspended Rack tom (12″)
    Floor Tom (16″)
    DW7000 Bass pedal (or equiv chain drive),
    Hi hat stand
    3 x cymbal boom stands
    Drum seat

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