Be part of our music video!

Watch Nick explain it all in the video below, or keep reading!

We have a brand new song we are getting ready to release, and we need your help to make a splash with a new music video!

The song is called “On My Way” and as well as being about the idea of traveling home (to family or a loved one) it’s about learning to grow and improve yourself i.e. always being “on your way” to being a better person.

For the music video, we want to take a literal approach and create a crowd-sourced music video of our friends and fans simply traveling “on your way” somewhere. This could be:

  • Your daily work commute
  • A vacation or holiday trip
  • A stroll around your neighborhood or drive through your town
  • Footage of you moving house or taking a big trip
  • Any kind of traveling via plane, train or automobile!

How To Do It:

  1. Watch this video that should explain everything!
  2. Shoot your own short video on your phone (please be safe if you are doing this on the road!)
  3. Email to or use GoogleDrive, Dropbox or to send it to us
  4. We’ll share an advance mp3 copy of the song so you can enjoy listening!
  5. That’s it! We’ll edit clips together and share the video once it’s all done.