Carswell & Hope EPK

Carswell & Hope: photo by Katlyn Conroy


Email: carswellandhope[at]
Phone: (785) 424-5236
Facebook: carswellandhope
Twitter: @carswellandhope
Instagram: @carswellandhope


Carswell & Hope are Nick Carswell (guitar, vocals) Jason Slote (drums), Austin Quick (keys), Chris Handley (bass) and Jordan Tucker (guitar).

From Lawrence, Kansas with Irish frontman Nick Carswell, Carswell & Hope mix big vocal harmonies and rich arrangements with inventive songwriting and a fearless mix of pop, rock and experimental. Returning from an extended hiatus since their last release in 2015, Abilene is the debut single from the forthcoming Exit Plan EP, due November 2017.

Single Release: Abilene

About the song

Hailed for it’s “tenacious, magnified sound” (90.9 The Bridge), Abilene is the first single from the forthcoming Exit Plan EP. It’s a pumping rock number with riffy guitars, sweeping organs, pounding drums and lyrics that belie the poppy sound with an added darkness. The first Carswell & Hope track since the band added second guitarist Jordan Tucker, the track is a hint of the bigger and punchier sound on the way!

Download a WAV file of Abilene by Carswell & Hope

Track credits:

Lyrics by Nick Carswell
Music by Carswell, Slote, Quick, Tucker & Handley
Produced and mixed by Jason Slote & Nick Carswell
Mastered by Michael Fossenkemper @ TurtleTone Studio NYC
Cover artwork by Justin Marable

Hi-res single artwork, by Justin Marable:

Hi res band photo:

A Hunger (2014) Album Stream

Available from / iTunes / Spotify / Amazon / GooglePlay

“an intelligent mix of vintage rock and pop, with an experimental leaning…impressive debut”
Hot Press magazine
“a breath of fresh air”
“these songs are full of invention . . . an audacious debut”
The Deli Magazine
“a full-scale production aesthetic that moves, glistens and evolves with melody and harmony”

Album Credits

Recorded by Carswell & Hope at home and in various places around Lawrence, KS

Heidi Gluck (additional vocals on Hunger)
Anna Cook (cello on Before, Hunger and The Long Goodbye)
Shannon O’Shea (violin on Before and Hunger)
Cristian Fatu (violin on Before and Hunger)
Margaret Marco (oboe and English Horn on Before and Hunger)

Mixed by Jason Slote & Nick Carswell
Produced by Carswell & Hope
Mastered by Richard Dowling, WAV Mastering, Limerick, Ireland



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